USA 2018 • 121 min • English original version

Nicolas Cage found his master in Panos Cosmatos. MANDY lets Cage shred his self-forged hal- berd through an armada of Je- sus freaks and sinister killers from beyond. A ludicrous ven- geance trip on LSD and a tribute to 80s horror and heavy metal aesthetics, our opening film MANDY is nothing less than this ye- ar‘s most delirious freak-out movie and received standing ova- tions at its Cannes premiere.


Sweden/Denmark 2018 • 101 min • Swedish version with English subtitles

The centerpiece of Fantasy Film- fest 2018 is a brilliant gem with an emotional knockout power seldomly found in cinema. BOR- DERS revolves around a customs officer with an outlandish face and one strange gift: she can detect secrets and foul play using her sense of smell alone. When she encounters a man with similar skills and looks, her quiet life is thrown into turmoil. While every film is enjoyed best with no spoilers ahead, this rings especially true in the case of Ali Abbasi‘s somber masterpiece.


USA 2018 • 139 min • English original version

David Robert Mitchell‘s follow- up to horror smash hit IT FO- LLOWS equally transcends genre categories. In the neo-noir wor- ld of UNDER THE SILVER LAKE, strange encounters abound. It‘s a love letter to Los Angeles, to Hollywood and its eccentric in- habitants, and a nostalgic homage to the golden age of tinsel- town, featuring an endearingly goofy Andrew Garfield as the stylish delirium‘s tour guide.


UK 2018 • 91 min • English original version with German subtitles

Justin Bieber was turned into a zombie last night! But no time to weep, Anna and her friends must fight – and sing – their way through an invasion of the undead to reach the safety of their school, not knowing if anyone’s still left standing there. Bi- ting British humour and lush tunes abound in ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE, a gleeful high school splatter musical with a theme song: What a time to be alive! Indeed.














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